GPT-3 for idea generation

Today I was granted access to OpenAI’s private beta to test their GPT-3 language model for idea generation. True, there are limitations on usage (300,000 tokens, about $18 depending on the engine used). In what scenario can we test it? One of the most powerful, knowing how it has been built, is the generation of ideas.

In this case, I have used a quote about the Camino and asked it to generate some more. For this purpose, I have even indicated the format (numbered list, quotation marks and a note on the quotation). In the following image you can see the entrance to the model.

gpt3 gpt-3 Camino idea generation language model
OpenAI’s Playground to test different models and use cases before using it via API.

GPT-3 model results

And this is what generated the GPT-3 model:

  1. “If you are afraid of failing, you don’t deserve to be successful”
    • The Camino Frances is a wonderful way to challenge yourself and grow as a person. Remember that it is okay to make mistakes, and that the only way to learn and improve is by doing it!
  2. You’ll never walk alone
    • While the Camino is a solitary experience, it is also a community of millions of people. Whether you walk alone or with a group, be sure to always have an open mind and heart, and you will always find people who will welcome you with enthusiasm into their family and their community.
  3. “What is meant to be will always find a way”
    • The Camino is not a definitive and precise path to follow, rather a path of personal discovery. You will find that the Camino is always changing and adapting. What was once an easy walk may end up becoming a difficult trail, or the other way around. So just be ready for anything and embrace what the Camino has to offer you!
  4. “To live, you must be willing to die a little each day”
    • The Camino will change you. Whether you walk alone or with a group, you will be faced with challenges. How you choose to face those challenges will determine who you are in the future. When you reach the point of giving up, remember that the Camino is about finding your way back to who you really are.

GPT-3 Implementation: Rytr

One of the tools that has implemented GPT-3 as a basis for generating text is

This tool allows you to generate text based on keywords and use cases. Once generated, it allows rephrasing, generating new paragraphs based on the corrections, simplifying and correcting grammar and style, as well as checking the generated text for plagiarism problems.

The truth is that it is worth taking a look at the possibilities. Here is a video. tutorial


What do you think? Do you think it could be an option to use GPT-3 to generate ideas in a brainstorming process? Some people are using it to generate web content quickly. It is true that the results must be taken with a pinch of salt, but as a starting point, they are not bad at all.

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