Camino de Santiago notebook and journal 2021

Here you have the most updated information about albergues (hostels), stages and other information that appears in the Camino de Santiago Notebook. Consider this page as an extension to your Pilgrim’s Journal. Do you want to enjoy All Caminos in 3D during your pilgrimage? Take a look.

If you need any other information for your pilgrimage or you think it would be interesting to collect some other data, leave me a comment. Help me to improve.

Albergues (Hostels)

Camino de Santiago Routes

Do you want all the GPX available? I’m working on gather everyone in a single file by Camino but in the mean team, take a look at CNIG (Geographic Information National Center of Spain).

Camino de Santiago: Stats

Here you have information on the statistics of the Camino de Santiago since 2004, according to the figures of the Pilgrim’s Office but in an aggregated form so that you can explore it yourself.

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Camino de Santiago notebook journal diary logbook
Camino de Santiago Notebook (Cover)

These are some examples of the interior pages of the Camino de Santiago journal.

  • interior 01
  • interior 02
  • interior 03
  • interior 04
  • interior 05
  • interior 06

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