Where to get the credential for the Camino de Santiago?

Here I am going to compile the information on where to get the credential for El Camino de Santiago. I will also review what this credential or passport is and what it is for during, at the end of, and after our Camino.

What is the pilgrim’s credential?

The Pilgrim’s Credential or passport is the successor of the document that was given to pilgrims in the Middle Ages as a safe-conduct, which accredits the pilgrim as such and certifies his or her orderly passage through the different towns of any of the pilgrimage routes.

It is a folded triptych designed in such a way that, on one side, there are the pilgrim’s personal data and the boxes where the stamps of the places we pass through or stay, while on the other side there is useful information about the Camino de Santiago, with maps, routes

There are several models of credential, but I recommend that you use the “official” version, as some accommodations require it for sleeping and it is an official document that you must use if you want to obtain the Compostela at the end of your tour.

Here you have the information provided by the Pilgrim’s Office of the Cathedral of Compostela. As you will see, there is also a “virtual” credential available that can gradually be used on some of the busiest routes such as the French Way.

Where to get the credential for the Camino de Santiago?

On the information page of the Pilgrim’s Office you have two main sections depending on where you are: Spain and outside Spain.

In my experience, they are also available from many of the Associations of Friends of the Camino de Santiago. Here is the complete list of the Federación Española de Asociaciones de Amigos del Camino de Santiago (FEAACS).

I have prepared an interactive map with all these data so you can explore those points that are closer to where you live or where you start your Camino de Santiago. Due to the limitations of integrating Google Maps, just click on the image to explore the map directly.

where to get the credential for The Camino de Santiago
pilgrim's credential
List of places where to get the pilgrim’s credential

NOTE: If the association’s website is available, it is linked directly. If not, it links to the FEAACS website where you can also find the contact email address.

What aspects do you have to take into account?

These are the main rules you need to keep in mind about the credential:

  • The credential is a personal document, so it is important to fill in the personal data requested. They will be the basis for later being able to apply for the Compostela or the Distance Certificate.
  • You must obtain at least two stamps per day with the corresponding date, obtained in any establishment with the purpose of accrediting the stay in said place or having passed through during the pilgrimage.
  • The credential has no expiration date. If you cannot apply for La Compostela after the pilgrimage, don’t worry: you will be able to return but always in person.
  • The Credential does not entitle the pilgrim to lodging, access to churches or sanctuaries or of any kind. This is an informative document.

Comments and/or updates

The best way to update information that you believe is incorrect is to contact both the Pilgrim’s Office and FEAACS directly. In the links I leave you their contact forms.