Inspiration on the Camino

Here I leave you a series of videos and films that I have been finding along the time I’ve been walking around that can serve as inspiration about the Camino.

  • Thoughts on Camino de Santiago. One of those that has impressed me the most and that I found after doing my second Camino from Sarria to Santiago. It’s just text and music but it’s worth it.
  • Life Lessons from the Camino de Santiago. The lessons that a father, who walks the Camino de Santiago (Astorga – Compostela) with his daughter, writes to his wife when he finishes it.
  • The Sunshine Road (Indira Benito). When I was choosing what time of the year to set out on the Camino from Astorga, I came across Indira’s series about her solo Camino at Christmas from Foncebadón to Fisterra. Highly recommended for people who believe that the Camino is dangerous in winter. [updated 03/01/2020 – not available. Too bad].
  • The Way. This film by Emilio Estevez and starring his father Martin Sheen, is the reason why American pilgrims have increased in recent years. I leave you the trailer and also the video of the colloquium after a screening.
  • Footprints “El Camino de tu vida”. You have to see the trailer and how the challenge is launched. They don’t promise a pleasant trip and yet 10 American kids sign up as a journey of self-discovery and sacrifice. And they certainly have. They got it right by putting it on Netflix.

Of course, I also leave you one of my videos…

I also leave you an entry where I update the most viewed videos of the Camino de Santiago.