Daily pilgrim arrivals

The Pilgrim’s Office of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela publishes every morning the daily pilgrim arrivals in Santiago the previous day. This data is not available on the statistics website so, with a little help from Google we will see if we can make it available to everyone.

Daily arrivals

Here you have the daily pilgrim arrivals to Santiago from the moment I activated the function in Google Sheets. The truth is that no other daily data is published so we can only see the evolution.

Distribution by day of the week

In the graph above, you can see on which day of the week pilgrims arrive. What day did you arrive in Santiago?

Statistics Camino de Santiago

As you know, I also have available the comparative visualizations of statistics provided by the Office. Take a look and draw your own conclusions.

If you want, you can also see the results of the survey I have active for pilgrims (and fill it out if you have a few minutes).

Sources and data

The data are collected from the Pilgrim’s Office of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela on its home page.

Do you want me to generate any visualization or cross-referencing (whenever possible) that you find interesting? Leave me a comment and we’ll discuss it.

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