Countdown starts

Six months. Barely six months. It is often asked where the Camino de Santiago begins. For many others it is “when”. In my case, I even doubt if, after so many times out, I will ever come back to go again.

With this pandemic that has touched us and because of a damn cold weather wave, I could not do the English Way at the end of the year 2021 but luckily, Pope Francis promulgated 2022 also as a Holy Year.

Six months that will fly by. That’s why I want to document them. Because it seems that things don’t happen but they don’t stop happening. And I want to use a diary and the web (even if I then publish it on the channels) to not forget every detail, to be able to correct and expand on the aspects I consider, and to share it.

I don’t know what it is about the Camino that everyone wants to share it.

Jean Luc, near San Juan de Ortega (Burgos)

A minimum of planning for the basics: walking. And to walk, some good “wheels” that will be in winter and in Asturias they say that it never rains. Moreover, it is the element that links us to the “road”, to the Camino. The rest is no trick, getting them trained by putting miles on their legs.