Camino de Santiago on Twitter

During these days I have been testing new KNIME workflows to collect information about conversations and associated hashtags about the El Camino de Santiago Twitter.

The objective would be to identify the hashtags that appear next to the main hashtags of these types of tweets: #CaminodeSantiago, #TheWayofStJames, #Jakobsweg, #ChemindeCompostelle, #CaminhoSantiago, …

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Camino de Santiago on Twitter: statistics

Once the tweets have been captured, the hashtags are identified individually so that they can be tracked over time and their evolution can be seen. Another workflow is used to update the data in Data Studio. In the following interactive chart you can play with the filters to make your own analysis.

How is process to collect tweets with KNIME

The process would be as follows: daily we collect the tweets of the day using the Twitter API, we make sure that there are no repeated tweets and that they are original, i.e. they are not re-tweets. User details are also removed to maintain privacy.

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Workflow of the KNIME component to retrieve tweets using #CaminodeSantiago.

What are the most repeated hashtags along with #CaminodeSantiago?

The most repeated hashtags along with #CaminodeSantiago in February 2021 are #jakobsweg, #camino, #xacobeo2021, #buencamino and #peregrino.

As you can see, the first thing to do would be to remove the main tag in order to study the detail of the rest of the relevant tags. It would also be interesting to unify some of them that are very similar, for example, #peregrino and #peregrinos, #camino and #caminos, #xacobeo, #xacobeo21 and #xacobeo2021, …

Are there any that you find curious? For example, #3Caminos appears referring to the latest series on Amazon Prime about the Camino de Santiago or #cruzdeferro due to the controversy about the plans to modify its environment but also a multitude of them spreading the localities through which the different Caminos pass.

Would you like me to do some other type of analysis? List of Tweets, most quoted users, … you can indicate it in the comments.