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Lately I’ve been using Medium as a source of content with varying degrees of technical depth. I consider myself a restless engineer so I leave you my profile so you can see what I’m interested in (claps & highlights). There are several of the pages on this site that aggregate RSS results from this feed.

In this section I will update the news on the topics of interest. I use Flipboard quite a bit as a news aggregator and save what I find most curious during my reading there. I leave the link to the magazines that I have created as a repository in case you find them interesting and want to collaborate.

  • AI/IA, Cloud & Natural Interfaces. Since the beginning of my working life I have always been attracted to the relationship with technology in a transparent way. Maybe because of my trekkie side but I understood that technology is nothing in itself without the purpose of helping us in something.
  • Industrial AR & VR Use Cases. I have been saving articles here for some time now in the sense I was saying before: not focusing on the technology per se but on the use case, in this case more industrial/business, and how it affects both organizations and users/workers.
  • Collaborative Innovation. After, during (or before, I’m not sure anymore) finishing the International Executive Master in Open Innovation and Intrapreneurship (MINN) I became aware of how much I was interested in everything related to organizational changes and how technology, now called Digital Transformation, affects those processes.
View my Flipboard Magazine.
View my Flipboard Magazine.
View my Flipboard Magazine.