Camino de Santiago packing list for 2022

This is the list of technological equipment that I will pack for the Camino in 2022. One of my goals is to document it as much as possible… I am including some notes and link to what I carry in my backpack and will update this post as I include more details.

For now, all these gadgets add up to about 1050gr. And it’s not something I can diminish much if I don’t eliminate some extra functionality. Yes, it’s true that I’m not going for extreme minimalism… but itchy bites don’t sting.

iPhone packing list camino
Camera, browser, messaging, mail, blog entries, … and you can also call.
  • Cell phone (iPhone X… but… better aniPhone 13 Pro)
    • Weight: 150gr including casing.
    • Reasons: I have long relied completely on my iPhone to almost instantly document whatever pops into my head. Besides keeping in touch with my family and friends, irreplaceable as a camera, maps, mental notes, … we’ll see if I upgrade to iPhone 12, 13 or whatever 🙂
  • Battery pack 26.800 mAh (Powerbank de Charmast)
    • Weight: 412 gr including cables. No matter how much they tell you, there is no way to reduce weight except by reducing capacity using lithium polymer technology.
    • Reasons: It’s a lifesaver especially if you use your cell phone a lot for photo/video and maps. I’ve had mine for two years and it gives me 4 full charges. In addition to a courtesy light, it has two high-capacity USB outputs so as not to depend on chargers. Sometimes I throw the small 5200mAh (90gr) bought at Decathlon to carry it in the external pocket of my backpack.
  • DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Gimbal (Osmo Mobile 5 now available)
    • Weight: 440gr including protective bag and mini tripod. Yes, it is a bit heavy.
    • Reasons: The truth is that it has been a discovery in the last few outings. Very easy (and fast) to deploy, the quality is incredible, especially when you record walking, the tracking of objects (colleagues, buildings, …) is spectacular and to record some notes at the end of the day with facial tracking is perfect. It can also serve as a battery pack for the cell phone. By the way, I bought a tripod screw so I can hang it from a carabiner on my backpack to make it easier to use.

From here, they are extras that I may not really need, for example, the iPad Pro. Is it necessary for me to charge for 35 days with an extra 600g? Am I really going to use it when I can do almost everything without any problem with the iPhone? It is not clear to me.

In this section I do not include the head-lamps (head-lamps for hostels that are really useful for not having to carry the flashlight of the cell phone in your hand) and the light for the backpack because they weigh only a few grams.

Here is a summary with direct access to the products (*).

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